POTD: Orange Mound

Orange Mound
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

We went back down to Yellowstone for a few days the first of this month. Since they closed almost all the roads in Yellowstone for the winter while we were there, the record crowds from even just a couple of weeks earlier were reduced to almost nothing (comparatively). There were only four or five campsites taken in Mammoth campground where we stayed compared to the near capacity 60 sites or so that were occupied when we were there two weeks previous. We spent a bit of time walking the loop at Mammoth Terrace where Orange Mound is located, one of my favorite features to photograph in Yellowstone. It’s not very orange from this angle but quite colorful for sure. It’s interesting how standard camera photos (i.e. little adjustment in Photoshop) accentuate the colors in these formations. I would say the real colors are not quite as intense as in this photo, but they’re close.

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