POTD: Coming Through the Rye

Coming Through the Rye
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

I have more photos of Makoshika State Park to share but we just got back from a short camping trip to Yellowstone and I’ve been working on photos from there so I am going take a break from balanced rocks and the like and post some of the Yellowstone images instead.

The barely controlled momentum of these bison crashing down this steep hillside was easy to anthropomorphize into a display of exuberance and excitement. That in turn reminded me of the Frederic Remington’s Coming Through the Rye sculpture of four boisterous cowboys charging forward on their horses.

Coming Through the Rye
Frederic Remington

5 thoughts on “POTD: Coming Through the Rye”

  1. I immediately thought of buffalo jumps and the stampede of animals over a cliff…though these do not face that fate. Love the contrasting colors of the warm foreground and cool blue sky.

    1. Thanks Kathy. I thought of buffalo jumps as well when we saw them coming down the hill. They did not meet that fate but there was a bit of an anxious moment when they jumped out on the road at the foot of the hill right in front of a fairly fast moving semi-truck. Fortunately the truck was able to stop.

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