POTD: A Work in Progress

A Work in Progress
Bozeman, Montana

A month or so ago I placed this recently deceased pack rat in this pot in our yard where I can hopefully recover it when it is nothing but a skeleton. The plan was to photograph it at that point. But walking by it recently I got the idea it might make an interesting, although gruesome, still life in mid-decay. I suppose I could have been working on a whole sequence of photos documenting the decay process but for now I’m thinking one mid-process photo is perhaps more than sufficient.

2 thoughts on “POTD: A Work in Progress”

    1. Thanks Allan. I’ve had to retrieve that guy from the ground several times. I’m not sure what critter is responsible for moving but likely some bird (it’s handled too daintily to be our resident black bear). So far it’s remained intact as far as the skeleton goes.

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