POTD: Greeting the Dawn

Greeting the Dawn
Bozeman, Montana

A photo from early in September, ominous look courtesy of smoke from both our local fires as well as those from the west coast. We never had orange skies like California did and this photo, exposed for the sun, makes the whole scene look darker than it actually was, but it was certainly bad enough and smoky enough for us!

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    After leaving my first comment I realized where I’d seen something like this before. Los Angeles in the ’50’s-’60’s – you couldn’t see the mountains for the smog. We were at the Santa Fe Station in-between trains and went outside for one of my dad’s infamous long drawn-out family photos which seemed to take forever to set-up with his Yachica camera. Our eyes were stinging with tears rolling down them while my mother was cussing like a longshoreman with a chronic backache to end this ridiculous session. My hatred for L.A. and it’s foul air never subsided after that debacle.

    1. That must be an interesting photo! I remember when our family went to LA in the 60s. I was pretty young and don’t remember much but do remember my eyes burning because of the smog. I never experienced that again until a few years ago visiting Shanghai and Beijing.

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