POTD: Rembering

Bozeman, Montana

Today would have been my mother’s 94th birthday. She and my father visited us a number of times around this time of year when the wildflowers are in bloom. Of all the different varieties of wildflowers to be seen on our property, forget-me-nots were one of her favorites. I’m reminded of that every spring when they first start showing up.

15 thoughts on “POTD: Rembering”

  1. How sweet to have the spring wildflowers show up to mark your mom’s birthday. One of my favorite memories of Aunt Mildred is the fruit salad she made from wild berries we foraged while hiking and camping.

    Not only am I enjoying this beautiful flower photo, I’m also enjoying the many memories running through my mind. I can still hear your mom’s voice.

    1. I don’t remember the salad and for whatever reason Connie had to remind me they are forget-me-nots, not bluebells!

      1. You weren’t there for the fruit salad. Only your parents, Randy, Kathy, Mark, and me – the cool people. 😁

    1. I miss them too and I see you realized they are in fact forget-me-nots not bluebells. I am a forgets-a-lot I guess!

    1. Thanks Kathy. Never seen forget-me-nots before? You need to get out more! 🙂 At least in this part of Montana they are plentiful at certain elevations this time of year.

  2. When I see tiny things, I often think of Millie. She herself was little, often wore little red canvas tennis shoes, had memorably small handwriting & seemed to like and/or make small things in general. On that note, I think these tiny little flowers are a great way to remember her! ❤️

  3. Your mother must have been a wonderful person – a lot of people loved her. Such a sweet remembrance.

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