POTD: Mistaken Identity

Mistaken Identity
Bozeman, Montana

As was pointed out to me by several people, in yesterday’s post I for some strange reason called the flowers in the photo mountain bluebells instead of the forget-me-nots they were. I certainly knew the difference but my mind was obviously off in a different place than it should have been when I wrote the text for the post. Anyway, besides eventually correcting the post, I figured I should follow it up with a photo that really does show bluebells. I’m not calling these mountain bluebells because I’ve seen references to mountain bluebells, foothills bluebells, streamside bluebells, prairie bluebells, etc. I’m not educated enough in botany to be able to tell the difference between all the varieties (or know if some are different common names for the same flower) so will stick with the generic bluebell label–one I am confident will withstand scrutiny.

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