POTD: The Way It Was #3

The Way It Was #3
World Museum of Mining
Butte, Montana

Scene from the doors of an old safe.

3 thoughts on “POTD: The Way It Was #3”

    1. Actually, I don’t believe that painting depicted any specific scene from Butte; rather it was a generic painting of industry. The smelter for the copper that was mined in Butte was actually located over in Anaconda some 20 miles or so away and except for a stack it did not look much like the buildings in the painting. The smelter buildings were torn down in the early 80s after the mine closed for good. All that remains today is the tall 585′ high stack sitting alone up on a hill like a giant phallic symbol. Before the bulldozers began their job on the smelter, structures were offered for salvage. Since we were building our house at the time, we went over and removed some of the windows and doors, so now our house contains pieces of Anaconda history.

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