POTD: Three Monoliths

Three Monoliths
Highway 200, Montana

I stopped to photograph these power poles because I liked the way they stood out against the sky in the flat terrain. The poles are actually rectangular shaped rather than round (hard to discern from the image) which added to their sculptural quality. I don’t think I’d ever seen power poles like that but as it turns out I encountered a number of them while driving this route. They were only used instead of round poles when the power lines changed directions, but that occurred frequently over the course of a couple hours of driving.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Three Monoliths”

  1. I like the contrast between the straight, hard poles and the curvy soft clouds.
    The rectangle shape must make the poles stronger to withstand the tension of the lines changing direction in territory where strong winds are frequent.
    “Sculpture” seems to be an important part of your vision, whether photographing man-made or natural subjects (think those Badlands formations)! 🙂

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