POTD: Empty Nest #8

Empty Nest #8
Bozeman, Montana

This is the time of year we start cleaning out our birdhouses as well as bird nests we find in various impromptu places around the house. Mostly we come across robin’s nests and those of house wrens. I don’t recall ever finding an old robin’s nest still with eggs still in it, but for whatever reason it is quite common with the house wrens even though they nest in more protected spaces. Although the breakage in the egg on the right in the photo appears to have occurred from the outside, on first glance it gives the impression that a chick was pecking its way out but never made it to freedom for whatever reason.

5 thoughts on “POTD: Empty Nest #8”

    1. I should add that this photo was taken in regular daylight after removing the nest from the birdhouse, but it was accidentally underexposed. I thought the dark lighting mimicked to a degree what it would have looked like if I’d been able to take the photo when the nest was still in the dim light of the birdhouse. So I went with that idea when processing the image.

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