The Real Deal

The other eclipse we watched today. It was an awesome experience.

4 thoughts on “The Real Deal”

  1. Excellent shot, Larry! Did you travel to the totality path? I’m pretty sure it did not cross Bozeman! 🙂 I successfully photographed 92% totality just down the road from my house. A very cool (literally) experience.

  2. Nice shot! I have not yet been able to put any words to my experience of seeing the total eclipse, but I have beautiful visions etched in my mind, and the visceral experience of the cool breeze and the relaxation I felt is still with me.

    I like this that I read on a woman’s blog: “Even the tiniest bit of sun is enough to hold off the darkness.” It was profound to witness that during the eclipse, and I hope we are all able to realize it in these challenging times in our country and world.

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