POTD: Explosive Yellowstone #2

Explosive Yellowstone #2
Yellowstone National Park

This is what happens to the glowing orb if you touch it and then misbehave.

6 thoughts on “POTD: Explosive Yellowstone #2”

    1. This will make me sound like an oddball I think, but I believe that over the years I’ve developed a mild affinity for the acrid, sulfurous smells of the geysers and mudpots in the park–smells like Yellowstone!

  1. Randy Blackwood

    I’m not sure I would want to be anywhere near Yellowstone if it ever does decide to explode.

    1. If the caldera blows, “anywhere near” might extend a long ways out, especially if you consider the delayed damage from the atmospheric effects. We are definitely in the “anywhere near” zone here so no need to worry about those after-effects.

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