POTD: Shadow Art #2

Shadow Art #2
New York, New York

Another photo courtesy of Calder. I see so many interesting shadows of artwork in museums it makes me wonder if that is something that is routinely taken into account when setting up displays. I know they pay special attention to how the actual artwork is illuminated, especially when it comes to accentuating features in 3D works but I don’t know if that care extends to the shadows on the floor and walls as well. I’m pretty sure the shadows of display tables as I’ve captured previously are not considered when setting up an exhibit, yet even those can have an impact (on viewers like me anyway).

6 thoughts on “POTD: Shadow Art #2”

    1. Alan, I struggled with how much of the actual mobile and how much of the shadow to include in the image. Perhaps contrary to what I’ve told you previously, this is one instance where I took multiple images from different angles, zoom lengths, etc. in order to come up with what I thought worked best.

  1. LOVE this! The shadows look like leaves falling to the ground….It must have been really challenging (and lots of frames) to make pictures of this as the arrangement would be constantly shifting….Would have been fun to see…maybe a place for a video…;-)

    1. Kathy, while I did take a number of photos, the air and hence the mobile was pretty still so there was not a lot of rapid change going on. Like you, the shadows did give me the impression of leaves.

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