POTD: A Little on the Side

A Little on the Side
New York, New York

This subtle abstract is actually a part of one of the dividing walls defining the small alcoves of art along the spiral gallery of the Guggenheim.

4 thoughts on “POTD: A Little on the Side”

  1. New York has been very good to you picture wise, that is. I have enjoyed my daily stop at your POTD, you make my day a little more pleasant and keep giving me the push I need to get out of my blue rut.

    1. Thanks Alan and yes NYC was good for me photographically. I’m now in Yellowstone trying to convince tourists to buy my photos part of the time and exploring the rest if the time, the latter of which has been more fruitful. Hope you get out of that blue rut soon!

  2. Great high key abstract again, Larry. You certainly know how to make these! Wishing you more sales during your Yellowstone stay….
    P.S. In the new comment version, I cannot see the words next to the 2 check boxes below my name/email/website. FYI….

    1. Thanks Kathy. Can’t say I’m a high key kind of guy in general, but they’re a great change of pace from time to time. I wasn’t even aware the comment format had changed. Must be something WordPress did automatically. I will check it out.

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