POTD: Fragment of Youth

Fragment of Youth
New York, New York

I really like this elegant sculpture of a young man that actually seems enhanced and not ruined by the fact that it is missing its top half. Thus I’m embarrassed to say that the title that first came to mind for this image was “half-faced”; you know, as in not two-faced or shi*-faced but half-faced. Sometimes even when it seems like my mind wants to be operating in tune with a more sophisticated aesthetic, it seems to get derailed by my decidedly unsophisticated juvenile sense of humor.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Fragment of Youth”

  1. This is cool, Larry. I had assumed that you photographed the statue to render the “missing” half in shadow, thus creating the effect of half a face. Didn’t realize it was actually gone until I read your description. Well done!

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