POTD: Moon Dance

Moon Dance
New York, New York

I don’t know if this is supposed to depict the moon (likely not) or what the entire carved panel in the Egyptian exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art actually looks like. I’m sure I noticed at the time but as happens to me at times,  I was so drawn to this detail I neglected to photograph the whole thing. Perhaps it’s better that way. It tells a unique story when taken out of the larger context.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Moon Dance”

  1. I see a new project, “Hands”.

    My friend Richard Garrod told me that people come across a great old barn or old car and take a picture of the whole thing. And usually it is only some part of the barn or car where the true photograph lies.

    He said look for the “gesture”.

    1. Alan, it’s funny you mentioned a series about hands and the term gesture. I already have an informal ongoing series of photos of hands and I call it “The Gesture” after the first memorable hand photo I took maybe 12 years ago. So, once again it shows great minds think alike!

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