POTD: Second Story Man

Second Story Man
New York, New York

I caught this guy climbing around on the 2nd floor balconies of the New York Stock Exchange. In spite of what it might appear to be, he was actually a workman helping to take down a banner, so he wasn’t really up to anything nefarious–other than some severe OSHA violations.

3 thoughts on “POTD: Second Story Man”

  1. This one actually made my knees go weak….and I was sitting down at the time! 🙂 Seriously about tension even though the man is centered in the frame! Good decisive moment too!

    1. The guy actually did that two or three times, moving from one balcony to the next, so I got several opportunities to catch the decisive moment. It’s reminiscent of but not as interesting as Cartier-Bresson’s famous “Behind the Gare St. Lazare” photo.

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