POTD: Watching the News

Watching the News
New York, New York

6 thoughts on “POTD: Watching the News”

  1. Thanks for the great photograph Larry.

    I am really going to have to stop looking at the news. I don’t need the stress that the news is creating.

    It is far better to discuss which camera is better Nikon or Canon and we can’t forget Sony.

    1. Alan, I try and view it all as some sort of black comedy, or perhaps a tragicomedy. That, a touch of schadenfreude and my general cynical nature help me make it through each news cycle.

      A factoid of possible interest (to another photographer anyway) about this photo: the background, which was photographed separately from the sculpture piece, is the actual canvas background used by Irving Penn for much of his studio work. It was hung as a large display accompanying an exhibit of his work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

      Oh, and if we’re going to argue which camera is better, we’ll need to throw in Fujifilm too; that’s what I’m using most often these days.

  2. Thanks for the info on Irving Penn; I did a little googling and found pictures of the canvas.

    Sorry for the slight to the Fuji users. My camera of choice 9 times out of ten is a Sony mirrorless NEX-7. It’s very small and light and can always be with me. When carrying it I have had people tell me to get a real camera. Maybe a real camera is an Iphone? And yes I have grabbed the Iphone on a few occasions.

    1. I have a Sony RX100 I carry around with me when I’m too lazy to carry a “real” camera. I’ve taken some of my best photos with it.

  3. This is so how I feel when hearing about the latest escapades from DC. It helps to watch the late night comics ridicule the whole mess….

    I envy your opportunity to see the Irving Penn exhibit. Would be interested to hear your thoughts about it.

    1. This was the second or third major exhibit of Penn’s work that I’ve seen. As always, I was amazed by his technical prowess with platinum prints. They can be quite lovely regardless of subject matter; speaking of which, I’m not a big fan of his fashion work while at Vogue (just not my thing) but his portraits of everyday folk are very intriguing, as are some of his abstract and still life work. He has a photo of a dirty glove that I find very captivating for some reason.

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