POTD: Singing Sand Mountain #2

POTD: Singing Sand Mountain #2Singing Sand Mountain #2
Dunhuang, China


6 thoughts on “POTD: Singing Sand Mountain #2”

    1. Kathy, high-key, low-key or neutral key (if there is such a thing); there are many ways of interpreting a scene. Each contains some truth and some personal expression.

    2. Steve, I don’t have a “ant-less” version although one could certainly be acquired via photoshop. I had thought the same thing about a more abstract composition when I took the photo but did not wait around to see if those folks would leave the viewfinder frame before others came along. This shot is perhaps more powerful the way it is as it does convey a strong sense of scale as Kathy suggested.

  1. Nice shot. Do you also have one without the “ants”? I suspect you lose the scale but it would become a more abstract composition…

    1. Thanks Carol. Sensuous is a good way to describe sand dunes I think. My fellow photographer Cole Thompson (who lives up the road a piece from you in Colorado) has a series of dune images from Death Valley he calls the Dunes of Nude.

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