It’s Official, I’m Famous!

Invitation Exhibition of American Famous ArtistsSomehow I think the Chinese use the term “famous” more loosely than Americans do. (I’m not saying that to disparage any of the other artists in the exhibit–it’s only meant to be a comment on my own reputation!) Nonetheless, I’m happy to be a part of this exhibition in Tsingtao.

This is actually only one of two exhibitions in China I will be a part of this month. The other is West on the Left, East on the Right, the 2016 version of the event I participated in last year. As was the case last year, after the reception for the show, 188Art (the show sponsors) will be taking the Chinese and American artists on a 10 day tour. This year we will be vising a number of locations in Gansu Province, with a short trip into Inner Mongolia as well. If the tour is anything like last year, it’s going to be a great experience. The folks at 188Art are very generous and thoughtful in their treatment of the artists.

Poster of West on the Left East on the right

4 thoughts on “It’s Official, I’m Famous!”

  1. Congratulations, Larry! Another great travel opportunity! BTW, will any of your work be in Lenswork’s Seeing in Sixes book?

  2. I did submit 4 portfolios, but none were accepted. I saw the photos of Brooks proofing the gallies on FB, so I’m anxious to see all the beautiful work, beautifully printed! 🙂

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