POTD: Empty Nest #3

POTD: Empty Nest #3Empty Nest #3
Bozeman, Montana

More fake eggs–too big for this nest! I’ve noticed that the robin nests around our house always contain a number of strands of sagebrush. I wonder if that is just because it is a convenient source of nest material or if there is an additional advantage, say for parasite control. (I read that sage does help with such things, when taken internally anyway.) Or maybe they just like the smell.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Empty Nest #3”

  1. Curious…did you try to reshoot this using smaller eggs, if any were available? I’m really enjoying this series, both the subject matter and the treatment.

    1. Kathy, I didn’t try it with small eggs, though I could as I have the ones that were in the wren nest in Empty Nests #1. Not sure that would have made sense though as the nest was never finished with the appropriate lining. (Of course it probably doesn’t make sense to put three oversized fake eggs in a robin’s nest like I did either!)

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