POTD: Nice Looks, Bad Vibes

POTD: Nice Looks, Bad VibesNice Looks, Bad Vibes
Wichita, Kansas

This building now houses the historical museum where I shot the photos from the last few days. But back in the 60’s and 70’s when I was growing up in Wichita¬† it was the police department. I’m not saying I spent a lot of time there but when I did go there to pay the few traffic tickets I earned, it always made me really nervous. Maybe my long hair made me feel too conspicuous, or perhaps I had a guilty conscience.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Nice Looks, Bad Vibes”

  1. Nice shot. The wispy clouds in the lower right hand corner seem to be rotating along the curve of the balcony and the gradations of partial sun to gray left to right also give a temporal juxtaposition to the solid permanence of the building. I think I toured the building as a cub scout, and I recall the “clink” was rock lined and heavily barred. While he was with the County rather than the City, I hear the refrain – “Captain Bobby Stout, he done found me out, now I owe the man 6 long years…. “

    1. Thanks Steve. The clouds and the building do interact nicely. I forgot about Bobby Stout, and the song, until you mentioned it. He was in fact with the Wichita Police Department Perhaps you might be thinking of Vern Miller who was sheriff, state attorney general, and almost governor?

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