POTD: Upscale Pigeon

POTD: Upscale PigeonUpscale Pigeon
Wichita, Kansas

This tony Nicobar Pigeon definitely moves in different circles than any fit in with (although the Fashion Queen could certainly keep up with the best Nicobarian style trends). In keeping with the bird’s obvious interest in looks, I processed this image as a glamor shot. However it holds its own quite well without any help from me. Here’s another shot of the same bird that is unretouched.


2 thoughts on “POTD: Upscale Pigeon”

  1. Thanks for the comparison shot, it shows your artistic touch on upscale pigeon. I take it the sheen on the feathers is retouched and the duck is cropped out?

    1. Yes the duck was cropped out. I’m not sure what you mean about the “sheen.” Basically what was done was to boost the contrast of the image and adjust the tonal balance, which has the effect of making the colors brighter.

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