POTD: Tire Man

POTD: Tire ManTire Man
Idaho Falls, Idaho

4 thoughts on “POTD: Tire Man”

  1. Need to know more about this photo. BTW, I like the first image in the caravan photos but could be convinced to go with the second one – they are both striking images – and they do kind of look like camels!

    1. Judy, that photo is just of some graffiti on a wall. I don’t know anything else about it. It reminded me of the Michelin Man, hence the title. FYI, I’m printing the Caravan image for framing right now and decided to go with the first one so I agree with you there.

  2. It does look like the Michelin Man – I had wondered if it was another image of your own that you were editing. Both Caravan images were good but I did prefer the first – bet it is stunning in print. Really enjoy the POTDs!

    1. Judy, you’re not the only one who suspected it was an image I had manipulated. You just never know these days. Glad you’re still enjoying the POTDs.

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