POTD: In Among the Spirits

POTD: In Among the SpiritsIn Among the Spirits
Victoria, British Columbia

Zippy and the Fashion Queen reflected in the glass in front of the native mask display at the Royal British Columbia Museum. Some of the masks visible in the photo where directly behind the glass, while others are actually reflections of masks out of direct view of the camera. Except for our rather down to earth postures, it appears like an image from a dream where the spirits are floating around us. I am particularly intrigued THAT the image seems to be giving me a bird’s beak and eye, a beak and eye that don’t seem to be attached to any particular mask.

5 thoughts on “POTD: In Among the Spirits”

  1. It looks to me like a partial reflection of the eye of the right hand side of the birds mask “between and below” your reflections. I assume it is a twin of the left eye we can see. I can’t figure out how that would be reflected over your reflection. Could it be a reflection of the left hand eye getting bounced back on dual panes? I don’t think that seems right either, unless the image surface is the surface of your camera lens and it takes the reflection of the birdmask behind the glass plane that extra 4 feet to arrive back at your camera lens.. My head hurts. Think I’ll go back to something simple, like doing my taxes…..

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