POTD: Malevolent Moon

POTD: Malevolent MoonMalevolent Moon
Victoria, British Columbia

A ceremonial moon mask that isn’t perhaps so much malevolent as it is perplexed?


2 thoughts on “POTD: Malevolent Moon”

  1. I am enjoying the way the lighting adds to this series of totem (and mask) images. The light enhances the mysterious content of the pictures, both revealing but not explaining what I am looking at.

    1. The mask display in particular had a very nice lighting scheme, with single spotlights highlighting each mask against a dark background. They were a bit tricking to photograph because there was a narrative running continuously explaining each mask in turn, so they only had the light on a particular mask while they were describing it. If you missed your chance to photograph a particular mask, you had to wait for the whole program to play through again.

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