POTD: Pagoda in Mist

POTD: Pagoda in MistPagoda In Mist
Lin’an, China

We were in the mountains around Lin’an for three days and it was cloudy and periodically foggy the whole time, but with essentially no rain except the night we arrived. The last day, as we were loading the bus to return to Shanghai, the sun came out. One of the artists on the tour said disgustingly “So, now it comes out. Why couldn’t it have been sunny the last three days?” I was really taken aback by that comment because coming from such a dry climate as Montana¬† I thought the fog was a rare gift, especially the way it would come in moody, mysterious swirls rolling up or down a canyon, enveloping and then releasing you. Without moving an inch the scenery could change dramatically from one minute to the next as hills and mountains were hidden and then revealed. It was quite magical and I felt really lucky to experience it.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Pagoda in Mist”

  1. I think you were lucky too…we share a love of fog on the land….and I envy you those 3 cloudy, foggy days. Great photo….iconic of “old” China.

    1. Thanks Kathy. I suppose if I lived somewhere it tended to be more foggy than not much of the time, I’d not be so keen on it. But I don’t so I am.

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