POTD: Chinese Checkers

POTD: Chinese CheckersChinese Checkers
Shanghai, China

The game being played here isn’t actually Chinese Checkers. I just called it that because some Chinese are playing the game and it involved the jumping of and capturing of pieces like the American checkers game does. However after watching for a bit it was clear that it was a lot more complicated than checkers; so much so that the players were taking a long time to make each move. They were also getting pretty continual advice from their audience as to what to do next.

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    1. Tracy, I’ve photographed such scenes in Nicagragua as well. I think it’s a pretty common sight in a lot of places except the U.S. were we’re usually squirreled away inside in front of the TV and/or on our smart phones. The Chinese of course are as addicted to smart phones, or maybe even more so. It’s just that they also socialize outside, like they used to do in the US back when we had front porches but not air conditioning.

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