POTD: 5th Floor, No Roof Access

POTD: 5th Floor, No Roof Access5th Floor
Denver, Colorado

Turn the right half of this image 90 degrees clockwise and you’ll see the original shot I took. It shows the spot on a concrete wall where a sign used to be next to the door of the 5th floor of the Denver Art Museum. I’m guessing as to what the sign actually said, based on extrapolating from the intact signs I saw in the stairway on floors 1-4 as I was walking up. (Oh, and the left side is a mirror image negative of the right side.)

2 thoughts on “POTD: 5th Floor, No Roof Access”

  1. I like this abstract diptych and that you made it from a single image: rotated, duplicated & processed differently for the two halves. Cool! And good seeing to notice the potential in the “left-overs”!

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