Production Mode

Every year I sell several hundred greeting cards featuring my photos at the summer outdoor art festivals that I participate in. They’re not a huge moneymaker but I like to have something priced at a point that anyone interested in my work can afford. Some photographers have their cards and even their larger images printed commercially. I prefer to print them all, from small to large, myself. So everything I sell from the largest framed prints on down to the greeting cards is my own work.)

My first show this year is in May in Denver so I’ve been busy the last few weeks getting ready, not only with cards, but the larger works as well. This year I decided to print out all the cards I thought I’d need for the whole summer at one time rather than print them in batches as the season progresses. I just finished the printing. The photo below shows about two-thirds of them set out on every available flat surface in my studio to dry. There’s still the folding and inserting into display bags left to do, but that’s something I can do while I’m sitting around in front of the TV.


2 thoughts on “Production Mode”

  1. Dang. I’m getting to Denver June 10 and then heading up to RMNP for a week. I’ll tell my Denver friends to look you up. I’m sure they would enjoy seeing your work. Post some details about where and when you’ll be there.

    1. Sorry our dates won’t match up Bruce. I’ll give the particulars of the show in a separate blog post. I appreciate you spreading the word to your friends.

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