April 18, 2015

POTD: Jingle Dancers

POTD: Jingle DancersJingle Dancers
Bozeman, Montana

One of the more sedate categories of dancers at the pow wow was the jingle dancers. Their dance moves are limited mostly to footwork and and lot of the dancers don’t get much more active than you see on the left side of this photo.  But when they come out as a group the collective sound of all the little bells on the women’s dresses is very pleasing, a sound that at least when you’re down on the floor right next to them can be heard even over the high volume drums and singing.

You can see an example of the drums and singing at the pow wow this year here. Some footage of the jingle dancers (during the actual competition, not the grand entry which I was photographing) can be see here. (Because they were competing against each other and because they’re younger, these jingle dancers are much more lively than the norm I think.)

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