POTD: Cubist Moonrise

POTD: Cubist MoonriseCubist Moonrise
Bozeman, Montana

I was sitting reading in our living room for a while the other day. When I looked up to give my eyes a rest, I noticed this alignment of an outlet cover and an upholstered bench across the room. This is an example of something I mentioned in a comment to a previous post the other day. I said it seems that if I sit somewhere long enough, I can often find something to photograph that was not apparent right away. (Whether or not the resulting photograph turned out to be worth the exercise in this case is another story.)

To be more specific I guess I should have called this a minimalist cubist moonrise. (I just looked it up, turns out minimalist cubism actually is an art style–who knew?)

2 thoughts on “POTD: Cubist Moonrise”

  1. Larry, I love the way you see things! You are truly an artist. And yes, I do believe this moonrise is worthwhile! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your photos and your thoughts. They’re great.

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