POTD: Porch Light

POTD: PorchlightPorch Light
Green Valley, Arizona

If I sit somewhere long enough I seem to find something worth photographing just about anywhere I am. In this case I was enjoying an extremely pleasant afternoon reading on our friends’ patio. Apparently I looked up often enough to have the surroundings register on me. The longer view from the patio was of the nearby Santa Rita mountain range–in general a more picturesque subject. But these geometric shapes on the neighbor’s house is what tickled my photographic fancy at the time. I like the nested rectangles and the contrasting skewed porch light adds a point of contrast to the simple shapes.

4 thoughts on “POTD: Porch Light”

    1. Thanks Kathy, although the State of Arizona would want me to point out that it was the AZ sun responsible for the high contrast scenes. 🙂

  1. I could never be an artist. If I saw the porch light I’d probably just want to straighten it to hang parallel with the door frame…
    Speaking of desert light, any talk of water use restrictions in Green Valley? Headed down to Powell on Monday before the giant sucking sound from California leaves the boat docks high and dry. Spread poop on the fields here yesterday, we are hoping for moisture later in the week while I’m in sunny UT…

    1. Steve, there’s a difference between what I like to photograph and what I think a house should look like. If that were my house, the light would be straight. It was pretty lush when we were in AZ, even rained some while we were there. But given they are in a 6-7 drought I imagine water restrictions are or would be a good idea. Of course in Green Valley all the lawns are gravel so they don’t take much water. 🙂 Enjoy the bathtub ring cruise on Lake Powell.

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