POTD: Canyon del Muerto #2

POTD: Canyon del Muerto #2Canyon del Muerto #2
Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Arizona

These are petroglyphs (images carved or pecked into the rocks) as opposed to yesterday’s photo which was of pictographs which are images painted on the surface of rocks.

4 thoughts on “POTD: Canyon del Muerto #2”

  1. Curious to know if there is a estimated date on this image. There is a controversy that BE (Before Europeans) there were two distinct groups of horses in NA. Some that were small Pangean stock that died out and a larger species that came over later on the landbridge 15-20 k years ago. Could these petroglyphs be “only” 500 years or less years old?

    1. Steve, I don’t know how old these particular glyphs are but we were told that the more detailed they are the more recent they are. Also, the newest art was not of the Anasazi era at all, rather they are of more recent origin. Some of those (although not these I don’t believe) actually date from the early 19th century. I would venture to say that the horses depicted here were almost certainly of Spanish origin.

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