POTD: The Geography of Survival #13

POTD: The Geography of Survival #13The Geography of Survival #13 Livingston, Montana 2014

If you don’t see mountains with a cloud filled sky above, or a swarm of UFOs, or a school of fish, or something even more creative in this tree bark pattern, your imagination must be on summer vacation.]]>

6 thoughts on “POTD: The Geography of Survival #13”

  1. I see all of these, but especially the fish! Kind of reminds me of M C Escher’s drawing of black & white fish…

  2. When I first opened this up on my phone the photo was pretty small I thought I was looking at an aerial view of some glaciated field with mountains. But then it dawned on me with global warming there wouldn’t be that much snow :). I do see the likeness of the old Space Invaders video game.

  3. Not sure if my imagination is vacationing or not, but at first glance thought this was representative of the Navajo designs you did from your residency. I can see all of the things you suggested above.

    1. Betty, I don’t think that’s and indication of an imagination on vacation, just one that’s off in another direction or dimension. Or I suppose you could say it was vacationing in another dimension. That reminds me of a comment I heard on TV in a context I don’t recall: “She thinks so far out of the box she doesn’t even know where the box is!”

  4. Randy, I’m surprised you were reminded of Space Invaders as I thought you might have repressed all memory of that game given I beat the pants off you at it one Christmas in Kansas as I recall. 🙂

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