POTD: Milestones

LB Yellowstone 62Milestones Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming 2014

When you turn 16 you can get your driver’s license, when you turn 18 you can vote and drink (in the old days) and, if you’re a guy, be drafted (also in the old days). When you turn 21 you can drink now, rent a car, gamble in Vegas, and a number of other things. After that there aren’t any major milestones for many years. Retirement is a big one. I took early retirement from my paying job when I turned 55, others will wait until 65 or later. Not much to look forward to after that (Medicare of course). But I hit one other milestone today that I’ve looked forward to for some time. When you turn 62, you qualify to buy a lifetime pass to all national parks and monuments for the small charge of $10. Living so close to Yellowstone Park, it’s a heck of a deal–especially given a day pass is $25 and a yearly pass is $80. So we packed up the car and headed to Yellowstone yesterday where I purchased my pass and we went for a hike up Rescue Creek under beautiful sunny skies.]]>