POTD: Something Interesting

POTD: Something InterestingSomething Interesting Lewistown, Montana 2014

Stopped at a rest area outside Lewistown, the Fashion Queen was reading the history signage while I was inside “resting” when she heard a male voice off to the side say “You want to see something really interesting?” Her first reaction was “that’s not the kind of line you want to hear from some guy hanging around the restrooms at a rest area” but she looked over anyway and saw this guy, Dana Kenneth Johnson, and his giant lizard, Slick, sitting there. More formally, Slick is an Australian Sand Monitor. He’s about five years old, with a life expectancy of 18 or more years. Dana had Slick on a harness (made for a cat) and a leash, and like many a pet owner at a rest area, was hanging around waiting for him to poop.]]>

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  1. My friend’s stepson had a similar looking lizard named Mr. Steggyworth. Regular pet names like Fluffy and Ginger just don’t seem to work for reptiles 🙂

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