POTD: Art Park

20140604_060641Art Park Bozeman, Montana 2014

I’m getting ready for my six summer art shows this year. Since I’m trying out some different sizes and formats of framed images this year, I needed to set up my display panels to see how everything would fit. Since it’s a several day process and it has been raining quite a bit I set them up in the garage. Normally I’d just leave my car parked outside but we’ve got quite a few critters around these days that seem to like to chew on cables, wires etc., so I set up the panels so I could still squeeze my car in between them. I don’t imagine too many people have garage walls decorated this much.]]>

4 thoughts on “POTD: Art Park”

  1. Nice! You may have started a new trend. I would consider our garage decor to be (almost) functional. It would be such a neat experience to walk into it and see your various prints all over the walls. I would need a significant cousin discount to be able to decorate this way, though – or else I would have to invite you over to check out your displays on our garage wall.

  2. That’s pretty cool – wish we had that in our garage – instead we have boxes labeled “Receipts 2012″ Kids’ school papers” “Christmas lights” “Old textbooks”… Your display would be much more pleasant to look at! Always look forward to the POTD! And good luck with all your art shows – sounds like you have some traveling ahead!

    1. Thanks Judy and Carol. Maybe I could use my garage as my gallery. It would bring a whole new meaning to the term “garage sale”!

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