POTD: Smoothie Bar

POTD: Smoothie BarSmoothie Bar Masaya, Nicaragua 2013

Fruit smoothies are very popular in Nicaragua, or at least they are a popular offering for tourists. They certainly have a variety of locally grown fruits to choose from in making smoothies, many of which I’ve never heard of before.]]>

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  1. Are you just staying in Granada, or will you be visiting other places? I was in Nicaragua in 2007 and I highly recommend Masaya, where you can hike up an active volcano, and also Matagalpa, which is at a higher altitude and very hilly/moutainy, so it is much cooler there. The fruit is indeed very good. Best pineapple I have ever eaten! Have you had any gallo pinto (rice and beans) yet? That’s one of their staples. I don’t recommend their cheese, though. It has a weird squeaky texture that I never cared for.

    1. Tracy, we stopped in Masaya after visiting Laguna de Apoyo and the pottery makers as San Juan de Oriente. We were supposed to go to Masaya Volcano as well but it was raining and we were told it wasn’t good to visit then as the rain would keep all the gases from the volcano down at ground level. We definitely appreciated the cooler air at Laguna de Apoyo. We have gallo pinto almost everyday as part of our breakfast and nacatamales occasionally as well. They gave us some of the cheese one morning and are with you about the texture, taste too. Not for us.

  2. I love those chairs! Would you please bring me back four just like that?
    I would have to sit in a green chair if I had a green smoothie and a red chair if I had a red smoothie, etc. I guess I would need to go to this smoothie bar at least four days during my trip, so that I could try the four flavors represented in the chairs. Are you going to tell us about some of the fruits that you have never heard of?

    1. Carol, I’ll see if those chairs will fit in my suitcase. I’ll tell you about the fruits if I ever learn what they are and how to spell the words!

    1. Randy I agree they are intriguing. They seem to be stable enough from what I observed–just a matter of trimming the legs to the right lengths I guess.

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