POTD: Hubbell House #1

POTD: Hubbell House #1Hubbell House #1 Hubbell Trading Post, Arizona 2013

The living room of the Hubbell home. The house is full of Navajo rugs; the two huge ones on the floor are worth a small fortune alone. (Hard to believe they let people walk on them.) There are also close to 200 historic works of art by well know western artists on the walls; the ceiling is covered with old Indian baskets; and antique furniture, Indian pottery, and other 19th century artifacts sit everywhere. This was all amassed by the Hubbell family over the years and makes for a pretty amazing museum in a home.]]>

2 thoughts on “POTD: Hubbell House #1”

  1. Busy looking but a “good” busy. Where is Hubbell in relation to WIndow Rock or Chinle? We worked out of Window Rock and Gallup (for a decent meal) but I don’t remember anything about Hubbell. When I went to NAU in Flagstaff I could’ve bought a fairly good size Navajo rug for $100 or so (1973). At that time a $100 might as well have been $10,000. Too bad because years later they were triple the price – still out of reach!

    1. Definitely busy looking but definitely the good kind. Hubbell is in Ganado which is about 30 miles due west of Window Rock and about 25 miles south of Chinle. I had some great green chile at the restaurant in the main hotel in Window Rock, called Navajo Inn I think in the Hillerman novels but a different name in real life.

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