POTD: Spread'em

POTD: Spread'emSpread’em Hubbell Trading Post, Arizona 2013

A raven soaring over Hubbell Hill spreads it’s wings to the max. It may be my imagination but it seemed to me the feathers on Arizona ravens are lighter colored on the underside than those on the ravens in Montana. They are certainly better at posing for me than those around here; in terms of detail this is one of the best airborne raven shots I think I’ve ever taken.]]>

7 thoughts on “POTD: Spread'em”

  1. Perfect! This is really beautiful, Larry.
    I also liked yesterday’s, and I didn’t comment – meant to, though. It gave such a feeling of lonely, silent, expansive canyon and bird.

  2. Wow! That is a good shot. What immediately struck me the perfect symmetry and translucency of the feathers. But, as you suggest, some of that may be their lighter color underneath as well.

    1. Thanks Carol and Betty. The ravens were so plentiful and interesting in that area that I could have spent the whole two weeks just photographing them if I had chosen to. Too many other interesting subjects though to restrict myself that way.

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