POTD: Just Not Into You

POTD: Just Not Into YouJust Not Into You Paris, France 2013

I think this young couple was actually quite into each other, but for some reason the look on their faces suggest otherwise; something more akin to an in-your-face confrontation between two angry opponents.]]>

3 thoughts on “POTD: Just Not Into You”

  1. I’m curious about the reflection of the lady in the window – where does she appear in this street scene; is she asking for help – the facial expressions of the young couple are intriguing as well.

    1. Judy, there are a number of interesting people in this scene it seems. The geometry of reflections (you know, angle of incidence equals angle of reflection and all that) would suggest that woman you see in the window was standing somewhere off to the left of the photo, maybe back even with those signs in the background. In fact, it could be that the panhandler and his dog are looking at her coming around the obstructions on the sidewalk.

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