POTD: Losing Your Grip

Losing Your Grip Yachats, Oregon 2013

I took a photograph of this same tree several years ago (see Drifting #2 here). I remembered having photographed it but did so again, partly just to see if my view or treatment of it had changed since the last time. Not a lot of difference between the two, but I have to say I like the older one better. What do you think?]]>

4 thoughts on “POTD: Losing Your Grip”

  1. At first I agreed with you but I think it depends on what you’re wanting to see. I like the contrast with the ocean in the first one but you see more of the texture in the tree on the second one. “Asthetically” maybe the first one is more pleasing to the eye.

  2. I like this version better than the one with the corner of sky included. That bright area drags my attention away from the roots. I this current one, I stay with the “losing your grip” idea.

    1. Thanks for the comments everyone. Obviously they both have some merit. I think if I redid the first one with the same texture that Judy commented on in the second one, I’d for sure like it best.

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