Artistic Vision

dMax (basically how dark the blacks are)–all important aspects of vision but especially for a photographer. The very noticeable improvement in my optical vision have made me wonder if it will induce any effect on my artistic vision. Picking up some of my existing prints I have sitting around they look, well, better. Just like everything else they are sharper, brighter and have more dMax. But the big question is will the noticeable change in the way I’m seeing produce any noticeable changes in what I photograph and how I process the results to create the final images. My guess is no, changing my ocular vision isn’t going to change my artistic vision. Let me know if you notice evidence to the contrary!  ]]>

2 thoughts on “Artistic Vision”

  1. Great news, Larry! So glad all your trips under the knife are having positive results. It’s nice when you can experience such immediate improvement! Heal well and quickly!

    1. Thanks for the well wishes Kathy. I prefer the cataract surgery over the heart surgery; less pain, shorter recovery and immediate tangible results. (Although I must admit the theoretical advantage of living a longer life due to the heart surgery has a special appeal of its own!)

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