POTD: Bullwinkle Jr.

Bullwinkle Jr. Big Wood River, Idaho 2012

A young bull moose who I was negotiating with for a trail we both wanted to walk on from different directions. He choose to pass in the brush on one side of the trail while I took to the aspen trees on the other side.]]>

8 thoughts on “POTD: Bullwinkle Jr.”

  1. An amazing encounter! Glad both of you negotiated the “detente” required to avoid hostilities! 🙂 He’s definitely got the more powerful weapons! 🙂 Nice that you had the presence of mind to photograph him. My closest moose encounter came sans camera!

    1. Thanks Kathy. Fortunately I was interested in photographing the aspen trees on my side of the trail, so I had some protection (the trees) as well as a camera in hand, ready to go. Somewhere I have a photo of five mature bull moose clustered together next to a trail I was on in Grand Teton National Park maybe 15-20 years ago now. That was back in the days before digital (or at least my immersion in it) and I’d be hard pressed to find either the print or the negative at this point. Might be worth a search though.

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