4 thoughts on “POTD: Celtic Magpie”

  1. Yes, this one is VERY cool!
    While on retreat, a man from the U.K. told us about magpie lore. He said that whenever one happened upon one or more magpies, the person needed to salute the magpie(s). He told us what we are supposed to say, but I don’t remember it, and googling doesn’t give me the specific saying that he offered. From what I’ve read, there is a lot of room for deciding what to say. But seeing magpies is a big deal, because…
    ” In England, the sighting of magpies is still considered an omen in this common folk rhyme: ‘One for sorrow, two for joy; three for a girl, and four for a boy. Five for silver, six for gold, and seven for a secret that’s never been told.'”
    I never knew…

    1. A lot of people around here would salute magpies with their middle finger if at all. They’re considered nuisance birds by many, and I’d have to agree to some degree anyway. But they are very striking looking birds. I guess I should look for six magpies together so I can bring home the gold.

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