POTD: Top Gear

Top Gear Bozeman, Montana 2012

I remember when I could look under the hood of a car and actually see components and parts I understood and could work on or replace if necessary. Now I open the hood of my car and am lucky if I can find the oil dipstick or the windshield wiper fluid reservoir. It really makes me appreciate the simplicity of an old threshing machine where everything seems to be simple and out in the open where it can be easily inspected and worked on.]]>

4 thoughts on “POTD: Top Gear”

  1. There’s a great old steam engine that’s actually operational at Ft. Missoula. It’s fun to see all the gears and dials and wheels. Sadly, it is in the process of being sold because MT apparently has LOTS of restrictions on being able to use one. It’s been used on Forestry Days to drive a saw blade. I’ve never seen it do that. (Got to talk to the old guy, 84 yrs old, who has been running & maintaining it all these years.)

    1. I watched my grandfather run a saw blade using a big drive belt off of one of his tractors way back when. Even as a child the whole setup looked pretty darn dangerous (no guards on either the big saw blade or the belt mechanism that one could easily be sorry about getting a hand into). It was enough to make an OSHA inspector faint dead away I imagine.

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