POTD: One Man’s Trash…

One Man’s Trash…
Bozeman, Montana

Thistles are considered a noxious weed in Montana and you’re supposed to eradicate them if they grow on your property. I don’t do that on our land though because I’m cheap, lazy and adverse to blanketing the area (and potentially myself) with pesticides. Besides, try telling all the mountain bluebirds that flock here for the thistle seeds in the fall that they really ought to be better food connoisseurs than to think dining on noxious weeds is a treat.

2 thoughts on “POTD: One Man’s Trash…”

  1. I like the way the light rays mimic the spiny thistles. Nice effect!
    In Kansas, farmers get fined for not eradicating their thistles. The only option other than pesticides, as far as I know, is a hoe. A little too labor intensive for your mountain.

    1. Thanks Betty. In theory we can get fined here too, or at least the county can do the eradication and bill us for it. But that’s in theory. In practice there’s a lot of potential income for the county out there going unrealized.

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