POTD: Sulfur Paintbrush

Sulfur Paintbrush
Bozeman, Montana

Indian Paintbrush, which generally comes in bright red or scarlet colors but can also be found in shades of orange, salmon and other reddish hues,  is one of my favorite wildflowers. When we first moved to Bozeman we had three little Indian Paintbrush plants that bloomed in the same spot for several years in a row and then disappeared. There are some on our neighbor’s property higher up on the mountain behind us, but right near our house we have seen no more. So we have had to settle for the related Sulfur Paintbrush, which is nice but not nearly as spectacular.

4 thoughts on “POTD: Sulfur Paintbrush”

  1. I remember that bright red Indian paintbrush. It was spectacular. When we visited your place not long after you had started building, Connie pointed out the flowers when we toured your “backyard”.

    1. Yes, that would have been the right time-frame. I don’t know why they quit blooming after a few years, maybe they didn’t like the new neighbors.

  2. I’m amazed at how many wildflowers you have – and that you can identify all of them! We have Indian Paintbrushes in Texas although this year was a poor showing. Maybe you need to transplant some?!

    1. Judy, while I know the most common flowers by name I can only identify some of the others with the help of several flower books. We’ve tried transplanting wildflowers, including Indian Paintbrush a few times. About all we accomplished was learning that transplanting wildflowers is a good way to kill them.

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