POTD: Patriot’s Dream #4

Patriot’s Dream #4
Bozeman, Montana

A lot of basic elements of Americana here; the flag of course, but also the barbecue, a General Motors car, permanently mounted Christmas lights, and some cinder blocks perhaps representing the occupants desire to grow their dream.

1 thought on “POTD: Patriot’s Dream #4”

  1. Patriot dream #4 reminds me of a study of suburbia I was recently exposed to (print, ether, I have no idea). One of the photos featured a young boy in the early 70’s sitting on his Hot Wheels trike on an empty suburban neighborhood street in believe was in California. It was juxaposed with the same young man 30 years later on a suburbian street outside his Las Vegas home sitting on a production harley semi-chop with the american flag gas-tank and red-white-blue paint job.

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