POTD: Skyscrapers

Oshkosh, Wisconsin

I thought these ladders leaning against the wall of a hardware store had the look of a big-city skyline.

Now that POTD is obviously back, I want to thank everyone who sent condolences on my father’s death a week ago. I think the incredible amount of paperwork and decision making required to deal with the death of a parent, along with the additional effort required to make sure the surviving spouse is well-situated (in this case involving my mother’s move to a new house and readying the old place for sale) is nature’s way of easing the grieving process by not allowing you to dwell on your lose for any sustained length of time on any particular day. Being forced to deal with other pressing issues at the same time keeps the loss from being too overwhelming. All-in-all I’d rather be out photographing, but other than that I am doing well. Thanks again everyone for the expressions of support.

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